Take blogging as a side hustle

A lot of people have been taken blogging as a side hustle while they are still maintaining their businesses or office jobs. In this generation of ours, it is rare to see a one person who depends solely on a job for living. Taking for instance, someone who is a salary earner will find difficult to earn more money apart from the salary. Unless, if he wants to partake in corruption at his place of work.

A classroom teacher in a private school will only be waiting for the month to end before getting credit alert into his bank account if there is no any side hustle. It obviously impossible for the teacher to steal teaching materials and earn extra income from it.

The best thing to be done is working somewhere else. Better still, such person may decide to find nice small business to engage in to support the salary. Among these the possible alternatives is blogging as a side hustle.

From what can be noted in the world today, engaging in blogging can be lucrative for whoever has knowledge on how to get it done right. Many lives have become better and richer just by blogging.

There are many ways from which a blogger can make money from his personal blog – advertisement placement, affiliate marketing, products review and promotion take the best place. Music bloggers earn much more money from songs promotion for artistes as well having advertisements placed on their blogs for various companies.

Why People Take Blogging As A Side Hustle

There are several reasons why a large number of people turn to blogging as a side hustle among which are:

Natural Passion for Blogging

From the onset, some people have naturally developed indispensable passion for Blogging. Such passion is difficult to set aside or to be forgotten. Passion at time can be taken for a dream. And the best way a man can live is to ensure that his dreams come true. So, for anyone who has blogging as his dream, he have to pursue it and make it turn to absolute fulfilment. No matter what type of job the person is having, either it’s monthly earning job or personal business, blogging can be chosen as a side hustle in order to make more money. Whereas, the added task will not affect the original job or work.

Motivated by Renowned Successful Bloggers

Thousands of people become bloggers just by getting motivated as they see some bloggers who have made huge success. It is enough to encourage anyone to take blogging as a secondary job. It can happen anyone. Especially on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp, it is easier to get captivated by blogging success historical evidences posting by some bloggers. Without asking you to take blogging as a side hustle, seeing their money making evidences, you will surely feel like being a blogger like them.

In fact, merely hearing about a blogger who makes millions of dollars every month, the person will certainly think twice.

How To Take Blogging As A Side Hustle

There is no point in abandoning one’s primary job for blogging. It has been possible for a large number of people to maintain two or more jobs simultaneously without affecting one negatively. What necessary is strategy and tactics. Once one has figured out a reason for having a side hustle, adequate planning must follow.

So, how do you take blogging as a side hustle while you will still be doing excellently well in your main job?

  • Perfect schedules

The fact that everything falls in place in its own time should be considered. Having a stable schedule is one of the better ways to be engaged in two or more things at a moment of time. When this is not included, it will be very hard to be focus. In the main time, you may be at the place of your primary work busy while you will still be meditating on what to do next on your site. At the moment of thinking, you may make a fatal mistake that will affect your primary work. Why? Because you’re physically present in your place of work while your mind is in somewhere else.

But if there is a perfect schedule, you will train yourself and your mind to follow it. Each of the time you’re present in your place of work, you will make sure your  mind fully focuses.

In other hand, when it’s time to attend to your blog according to schedule, you should ensure that your mind doesn’t go to your work.

The Best Schedule Items while Taking Blogging As A Side Hustle

We all know that majority of works we do as primary jobs open for days not nights. And most of the works last for 8 to 10 hours a day and 5 to 6 days in a week. Definitely, the best hours are to be taken from evenings and nights times of the midweek days and any time during the weekends.

  • Hire Someone for the Site Maintenance

Possibly, you may know only about what you do for a living without having any knowledge about blogging. And you have discovered some reasons that justified your intention you to take blogging as a side hustle aside from your personal business or the office you are holding. At this kind of situation, the best and the safest thing step you can take is hiring an expert to be building a good blog for you. At end of the webmaster services, what will be left for you is weekly maintenance.

For instance, a webmaster has created and designed an attractive website or blog for you. He has put in place a strong Search Engines Optimization (SEO) for the site to enhance its visibilities on the search engines. Aside that, adequate number of evergreen SEO optimized contents have been written and published on the site. To be precise, for something like this, evergreen contents uniquely written are the best. If the contents are not evergreen, means you have to keep working on the site by yourself. For such a site, you can’t keep hiring webmaster for content writing and uploading.

Evergreen Contents

Evergreen contents are the type of posts that will never be outdated but remain relevant for life. News, sports and entertainment niches rarely possible for evergreen contents. Technology, reference, tutorials, love, texts and quotes, literature niches can highly rated for evergreen contents possibility.

Therefore, either you will keep doing the blogging by yourself or hire someone depends on:

  • Either you have knowledge on how to create and design a professional site or you have no idea how this work. Understandably, your blog or website must look nice for visitors to stay and come back.
  • Whether you have experience necessary for SEO both on page and off page or you lack the skill. The bedrock of every successful site lies on both on page and off page SEO set up run on the site.
  • If you have time to spare for blogging. It is not everyone that works 8 to 10 hours a day, some will work from 7am and close 10pm. Before getting home, they are already tired. And such things last throughout the midweeks and weekends.


Conclusively, such person is not left with any other alternative than to hire webmaster to maintain the blog SEO for him and contents writer to keep writing the contents for him. That’s only the possible means for a busy person who wants take blogging as a side hustle to make the dream becomes fulfilled.