Is WordPress premium worth it

Is WordPress premium worth it when comes to switching from free hosting to a paid one or not? That question can only answered once you understand the purpose of your blogging career.

WordPress is major among the best website or blog hosting company that has been in existence. Aside from WordPress, blogspot, Wix and others are there. Anyway, I should not just continue mentioning them as I am not going talk about any of them but only WordPress which is the focus of this content.

There is one thing that common to few of these hosting companies. Free hosting plan is one of the features they have. Most especially, WordPress and Blogspot can be categorized here.

Though, Blogspot is the only hosting platform that allowed free hosting completely without having to make any purchase or renewal later in the future. At the same time, blogspot offers free sub domain names which look like this for example; which is free forever along with its hosting.

But the reality about this free hosting and subdomain is that, it requires much of technicalities if ranking would be achieved in any way. To ranking a keyword (either long tail or short tail), the webmaster in control must be very good. The reason for this is not far fetched!

There are giant sites hosted on WordPress and other while the webmaster in control are very strong when comes to keywords and pages optimization for ranking. Evidence is clear that they spend a lot of money getting premium hosting and paid domain.

In nutshell, there are certain keywords that your free running site can never been seen on top of search engines for. Those keywords in question have been occupied and possessed by some giant sites out there.

Therefore, one has to be selective when finding a keyword to be ranked for. Obviously, there is absolute no point in publishing contents which you know no one can see on search engines. Unless you have decided to use social media to share them.

Even, if you have gotten a strong social media channels to promote those contents you know you can naturally rank due to high competition, a good site should look professional.

Free Site Hosting on Google Blogspot

As a matter of making a site look professional, this can be attained on Google Blogspot free hosting too. As stated before, Google is offering free hosting. And to change the site domain away from free domain like to blogginglab. com, there are many company online selling the domains.

All need is to point the domain to your blogspot hosting and host it for forever free.

WordPress – Free Hosting and Subdomain

As a matter of fact, as WordPress premium is available, so there is free version. There is no much difference between free hosting on Google Blogspot and one on the WordPress. Both of them allowed subdomain registration and hosting.

In other hand, blogspot allowed both subdomain name and paid domain. But WordPress doesn’t support direct hosting of paid domain for free. You have to upgrade to premium hosting.

At this juncture, one may be wondering if WordPress premium worth it.


Is WordPress Premium Worth It

Anyone who has been into blogging for sometimes and tried free sub domain, hosting and so on may decide to upgrade.

As part of the upgrading, all the unpaid for packages will be paid for. Primarily, Google has no paid hosting while the common hosting company that normally comes to people’s mind when trying to purchase a hosting is WordPress.

Plugins Installation

Professional bloggers in a large number believe that hosting platform that support various plugins installation is good for consideration. Truly to some extent, plugins installation help site to develop faster.

Many webmasters make use of plugins for web design and building. There are numerous plugins that collect users email address for future use. Some others are set to send automatic new content notifications to those have subscribed to the site newsletter. Another plugins are their for site pages optimization for ranking, social share, sitemap generating and regular updating, contact form design and effective delivery.

Conclusively, these plugins among others are very good in helping bloggers to deliver their works. So, the first step to have advantages of these tools is having a premium hosting.

Is Premium Hosting Everything

It should not be misunderstood that having a premium hosting guarantees a better ranking on Google search engine and other search engines.

Someone can go ahead and purchase paid domain, hosting, SEO tools and still not ranked for any keyword.

In fact, the decision of acquiring those things is the first step. Blogging is a versatile task.

What Next After Having A Premium Hosting and Tools

Optimization of the whole site: the site must be optimized starting from on page. On page SEO must be perfectly attended to.

Knowledge about keyword research: a content writer must first of all undergo a keyword research in order to search for the easy-to-rank keywords to write on. This can be easily done using Google AdWords or Google Search auto suggestion.

Target the keyword very well: the content writer has to target the keyword very well while writing the content. The keywords should feature inside the content title, URL, subheadings, first paragraph or within the first 100 words. It must appear as tile for the image to be used and for the image alt tag. As well inside the search description.

Moreover, while making using of the keywords inside the content, stuffing should be avoided. And they should be used naturally.

Off page SEO: everything has not been put in place if Search Console has not been set up. Sitemap must be created and uploaded as well. Google analytics account be created while it will be activated for the site. Then, promote the site on social media in order to gain some social signal.

Wrapping it up

Now at this juncture, I want to ask: is WordPress premium worth it? If it worth it to set up a website or blog on a premium platform, then it is advisable to give it a try.