Is Blogspot Worth It

Apparently, it is not everyone that has financial ability to set up a blog using paid or premium necessities. Basically, to run a premium and professional blog, a paid domain name and hosting are highly recommended. But for the fact that some people with high interest in blogging cannot afford to make these purchases, they switch into looking for free domain and hosting.

It won’t be necessary to go too far before detecting that Google blogspot is available to be used for free without paying a dime. The blogspot in question presents free domain name which is subdomain and forever free hosting. Since both domain and hosting are free, getting good templates won’t be difficult as well on the platform.

Obviously, the blogspot is the best when it comes to having a blog with zero cost but there are some things to put into considerations before making the final decision.

Whereas, a large number of bloggers are now successful in blogging started their blogging careers using the Google free blogspot. And behold, they now have a lot of stories to tell. Though, it could be because they were newbies or they couldn’t afford to go for premium packages.

Is Blogspot Worth It?

Before venturing into blogging using blogspot, it has to be noted that there are some limitations which might prevent the blog from attaining the goals fast.

Yes! If you are looking for a free domain and hosting to start your new blog, blogspot worth trying.

At least, all you need is your time to be spent setting the blog up. Other things that has to do with financial requirements have been sorted out for you. Google has paid the bills.

In this regard, only a lazy blogger will find it difficult to present a nice blog to the world of internet. Only posting of quality contents remains to attend to.

Limitations of Blogspot

At the same time, most of the good things in this world have some limitations or shortcomings. Nicely, blogspot is very easy to set up but there are a number of limitations associated with using this blogspot platform.

No Provision for Coding Customization

No webmaster can boast of customizing a blogspot site with codes. What is very common is activating a template and editing its widgets and sidebars to form what it can form maximally. Meanwhile, many of the blogger free templates can be edited for colours and appearance. As many as possible sidebars and widgets can be added. Anything outside that is impossible when it comes to customization.

Sluggish in Ranking Processes

It is mostly frustrating to spend many sleepless nights trying to gather knowledge on how blogging works, set up a new blog, write a lot of quality contents but still not rank fast on the search engines. Although, ranking is very possible for a blogspot hosted blog but it tends to be sluggish. For this reason, majority of webmasters will advise setting up a blog using premium tools. At the same time, a better strategies can be adopted to rank easily, especially for low competitive keywords. Which means, it is rarely possible for a blogspot site to rank for highly competitive keywords except Google does wonders.

Not Advisable for Professionalism

A blogger who wants to blog professionally should not be thinking of using blogspot as hosting platform. It is no longer a new piece of information that satisfactory customization of such a blog remains impossible. It is possible but rare to see a free template that will look professional. In other hand, a premium template can be bought and installed on the blogspot site with ease. It can also be gotten from a friend who has it.

Domain name like also looks unprofessional. Even friends of the site owner may not wish to visit such a site ahead of other sites with professional names. No matter how quality the contents you have are, the subdomain name can push visitors away. And therefore losing traffic unless it only your site that appears for the keywords.

No Support for SEO Tools

For fast and better ranking, a lot of SEO companies have developed tools that bloggers can make use of. Yoast, RankMath and Google Analytics plugins are perfect examples here.