How much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer

At times, developing a WordPress blog on your own may be so hectic that you need a WordPress developer job to be done for you.  For such blog or website developing jobs either in terms of the blog creation,  design, search engine optimisation and maintenance, there must a price that the services will cost you. So, you want to ask how much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer so that you can know for sure if you can afford it or not.

Who is a WordPress Developer?

As it is, there many platforms from which a webmaster can create and develop a blog or website. And WordPress is one of these platforms. For the purposes of WordPress site development, there are numerous experts who are talented in doing intelligent works creating fully built blogs on the WordPress platform with eye-catching designs, strong version of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and weekly or monthly maintenance. Meanwhile, all for certain price – either fixed prices or negotiable ones. The experts in this particular field are known as WordPress developers.

What Are The WordPress Developer Jobs

No need for confusion regarding looking up to know the kinds of services a hired WordPress developer who is a professional can render. The jobs include the following:

Niche Research

There are plenty of blogging niches that are extremely lucrative but at the same time, they have become very competitive. Which means, getting to the top to drive traffic may be somehow difficult for anyone. For this reason, there is need for niche research so as to discover one that will be easier to dominated. Nevertheless, any niche that will be chosen must be lucrative as well. At this juncture, it will be noted that the niche research is an hectic process and it’s one of the WordPress developer jobs.

Domain Name Research

Another WordPress developer job is to look for a good domain name that will be suitable for the site name, niche and purposes. A professional site developer must know that a domain name must one that is very easier for visitors to remember. Aside that, it must guess the purpose of the site so as for search engines to understand the purposes that the site is carrying mere looking at the domain name alone.  For instance, merely looking at the domain name “”, anyone can guess the type of contents that would be met on the site.

Choosing An Hosting Company

Meanwhile, stressing oneself over pondering on which hosting company to turn to so as to host the desired domain name is not necessary. WordPress its has paid hosting services to be benefited from. Whereas, a site owner may decide not to host the site on the WordPress but choosing a different hosting company among from ones that support WordPress, then install the WordPress website builder software. Either of the two, a WordPress site will be gotten at last. But in case the later alternative will be considered over the former one, it is an assignment of the developer to choose a nice one that is very affordable.

Purchasing the Domain Name and Hosting

Domain name research has been done and hosting company to be chosen has been concluded on, the next step from the developer is to make the purchases. Then, host the domain on the hosting company bought.

Design of the WordPress Site

A site without a good design is as dead as nothing. From the mere visiting a site, it is easier to grade the site developer hired. Nice looking premium theme must be uploaded and gets arranged well. Whereas, it is a paid services and the best is being expected from the WordPress developer jobs.

The Site Optimization for Search Engines

Processes of website or blog creation are not limited to the aforementioned ones. In fact, nothing has been done if the SEO is left out. Definitely, any site built will have to feature on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for various of keywords so that the site can have more page views from online visitors. Without this, the site cannot make any money which is the primary aim of every blogger in the world. Therefore, it is a WordPress developer job to give accurate attention to SEO of the site created.

Additionally, the SEO features On page and Off page attributes. On page SEO  has to do with all kinds of setups needed to be done on the site pages. Among which are, writing of well optimized blog description, creation of relevant categories, keywords research for individual contents, writing of quality contents, optimizations of titles, headings, sub headings, meta descriptions, meta tags, images alt in consideration of the chosen keywords and using of LSI keywords throughout the contents. This is part of what the WordPress webmaster charges site owners for.

Concerning off page seo, we talk about Search Console configurations as well as Google Analytics, connection of the search console with the Google Analytics, sitemap creation, social signals from different social medias like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Finally, natural backlinks from high authority sites.

Though, the WordPress developer may charge extra money for this in most the cases unless it has been on the agreement from the beginning of the deal.

Professional Advice

After the WordPress developer jobs have been done completely, the hired developer would give to the site owner some pieces of professional information on how to keep the site functioning better.

Obviously, that a site has been completely built and starts appearing well on the search engines doesn’t guarantee that the site will remain flourishing. There are guidelines, tips and strategies to follow without falling out of it if the site won’t come down. From professional advice as would be given by the site developer, all these would be exposed and explained.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A WordPress Developer

For all the services above embedded in WordPress developer jobs, from your own mind how much do you think the person who will do all this should collect as charges?

When you’re wondering how much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer, you have to bear it in mind that the price will vary from one developer to another. From my own experience, a WordPress developer changes $100 – $500. While the price also depends on the items of the WordPress developer jobs you requested for.