Do I need both Facebook page and website

A Facebook page contributes on business growth as a result of its functions. Easily, products can be uploaded on the social media page for those who have liked it to access. A large of business owners globally have been using Facebook page to advertise what they sell or what services they render.

In other hand, as sellers and services providers promote their products and services on the platform, it becomes easier for those buyers who have made social media a better place to access the world of new discoveries.

Those on the fans page become the business regular audience for anything uploaded there. Most especially when the sellers have managed to successfully build a convincing reputation and strengthened relationships with the buyers.

The more people liked the page, the far the product trends. Gladly, there is no limit to the number of fans a Facebook page can have. Just only one Facebook page may possess millions of users. What matters here is how many people will be converted at the end of the day. Anyway, it depending largely on the reputation already built by the business owner.

Once your page can’t sustain some reputation or it is full of indecent activities, then the page may be rendered useless.

Do You Still Need A Website After Having A Facebook Page

From experience, a lot of people have been discovered as successful business owners. In the long run, you checked the business promotion strategies they are adopting, behold they don’t only use Facebook fans page but also have possessed a well structured website.

Though, millions of others limit theirs to Facebook fans page and still doing excellently well. Having a website is not compulsory but can only be an additional advantage measure.

As it is, you stand the very chance to decide either you need a website despite the fact that you have a good Facebook page already with a large number of fans.

Both Facebook page and website work differently for business promotion and growth. They help in different dimensions but for similar goals – sales and creation of popularity for business.

In order to decide on what you need between a Facebook page and a website, it is necessary that what edge they have ahead each other be considered.

How Website Challenges Facebook Page in Favour of Business

  • Limited Accessibility

Only who liked the Facebook page can see products were uploaded on the page but when it comes to website for business, anyone in the world can see the products once searched on search engines.

Anyone who creates a new Facebook page needs to spare some days to grow the page maximally. A page with minimal fans might not be so useful. Whereas, getting people to like a Facebook page might be a tough one. Aside that it is time consuming task, to convince people might not be so easy.

But having a website, all needed is a SEO expertise to set up the website for strong visibility. Once a site has increased exposure in search engines, then a lot of online searchers will be driven to the website.

  • Chances over Touch Negotiations

Chances of tough negotiations on products and services are high while using Facebook page for business promotion. Whenever a products is uploaded for the page fans to see, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) must be fully ready and available to reply all kinds of queries. Even, some stupid questions will be asked. At end of the conversation, the prospects will no proceed to buy.

Websites in other hand feature better advantage on this. Buyers go ahead to make their orders without negotiations.

Naturally, not all prospects lead to sales. Whereas, some buyers could go to any length to negotiate with sellers but still, no sale will be made. That is nature of business. In that case, it is time wasting for the sellers. While time wasted might not be regained.

  • Ability to get sales while sleeping

Setting up payment methods is very easy when using a website as business store. In that case, once a buyer has been sufficiently convinced to make an order, the sellers do not need to be online to provide payment method. The buyers just have to make use of payment icons provided on the website. Therefore, they money will be deposited into the sellers accounts.

PayPal payment method is there to be used, as well as bank transfer, Bitcoin, MasterCard, VISA and so on. The choice would only be left for the buyers or clients to choose a preferable one to use as convenient.

How Facebook Page Challenges Website on Business

To have a website that will look standard for a business, there should be financial cost. It cost a certain amount of money to set up a website. Domain and hosting plan are to be bought and be renewed yearly. Unless Blogger or WordPress free domain and hosting will be used. But this is not recommended for a good business that meant to be successful. Such act will look unprofessionally.

Whereas, Facebook and its page are free forever. It only takes ideas to create and appear nice.

Wrapping it up

Knowing what running a business entails as well as kind of business running, making a determination might not be difficult as regard what platform for business promotion to use.

At times, the kind of business engaging in determines either Facebook page would be needed or a website. There are businesses that do well with Facebook fans page. Also, some other businesses are out there requiring a website and not Facebook pages.

Moreover, some compulsorily require both but remains optional for some others businesses to combine both of them together for business purposes.

No doubt that the two means of business promotion – Facebook page and website are remarkable and can convert sales very well. Still, both of them can be utilized simultaneously to generate much more sales. Now left for you to choose one that suits you better or one that can boost your sales better.